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Assessor Disagreement and Document Retrieval Depth. W. Webber, P. Chandar, B. Carterette. CIKM 2012.

Incorporating Variability in User Behavior into Systems Based Evaluation. B. Carterette, E. Kanoulas, E. Yilmaz. CIKM 2012.

Improving Health Records Search using Multiple Query Expansion Collections. D. Zhu, B. Carterette. BIBM 2012.

Using Preference Judgments for Novel Document Retrieval. P. Chandar, B. Carterette. SIGIR 2012.

Using PageRank to Infer User Preferences. P. Chandar, B. Carterette. SIGIR Poster 2012.

What Qualities Do Users Prefer in Diversity Rankings?. P. Chandar, B. Carterette. DDR Workshop 2012.

Multiple Testing in Statistical Analysis of Systems-Based Information Retrieval Experiments. B. Carterette. TOIS 2012.


Simulating Simple User Behavior for Systems Effectiveness Evaluation. B. Carterette, E. Kanoulas, E. Yilmaz. CIKM 2011.

Model-Based Inference About IR Systems. B. Carterette. ICTIR 2011.

System Effectiveness, User Models, and User Utility: A Conceptual Framework for Investigation. B. Carterette. SIGIR 2011.

Evaluation Over Multi-Query Sessions. E. Kanoulas, B. Carterette, P. D. Clough, M. Sanderson. SIGIR 2011.

Analysis of Various Evaluation Measures for Diversity. P. Chandar, B. Carterette. DDR Workshop 2011.

A Methodology for Evaluating Aggregated Search Results. J. Arguello, F. Diaz, J. Callan, B. Carterette. ECIR 2011.

Within-Document Term-Based Index Pruning with Statistical Hypothesis Testing. S. L. Thota, B. Carterette. ECIR 2011.

An Analysis of NP-Completeness in Novelty and Diversity Ranking. B. Carterette. IRJ 2011.


Diversification of Search Results using Webgraphs. P. Chandar, B. Carterette. SIGIR Poster 2010.

The Effect of Assessor Errors on IR System Evaluation. B. Carterette, I. Soboroff. SIGIR 2010.

Reusable Test Collections Through Experimental Design. B. Carterette, E. Kanoulas, V. Pavlu, H. Fang. SIGIR 2010.

An Analysis of Assessor Behavior in Crowdsourced Preference Judgments. D. Zhu, B. Carterette. CSE Workshop 2010.

Measuring the Reusability of Test Collections. B. Carterette, D. Metzler, E. Gabrilovitch, V. Josivofsky. WSDM 2010.