SIGIR 2009 WorkshopJuly 23, 2009

Redundancy, Diversity, and
Interdependent Document Relevance (IDR '09)

Workshop Program

Session 1: Axioms and Evaluation (8:45 - 10:30)

Invited talk: A Framework for Result Diversification
Sreenivas Gollapudi (Microsoft Research)
Invited talk: Turning Down the Noise in the Blogosphere
Khalid El-Arini (Carnegie Mellon University)
Paper: Evaluating Diversity for a Vertical Slice of the Query Stream
Elizabeth DeVaul Tucker and Scott B. Huffman (Google, Inc.)

Session 2: Algorithms (11:00 - 12:30)

Invited talk: Diversified Retrieval as Structured Prediction
Yisong Yue (Cornell University)
Invited talk: Improving Diversity in Ranking Using Absorbing Random Walks
Andrew B. Goldberg (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Session 3: Evaluation (1:30 - 3:00)

Invited talk: Modeling Diversity in Information Retrieval
ChengXiang Zhai (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Invited talk: Evaluating Novelty and Diversity
Charles Clarke (University of Waterloo)

Session 4: Collection Building (3:30 - 5:30)

Paper: Evaluation of Redundant Information from Distillation Systems Using Nuggets and Fuzzy Sets
James V. White, David Hunter, Olga Babko-Malaya, Connie Fournelle
Paper: C-TEST: Supporting Novelty and Diversity in Testfiles for Search Tuning
David Hawking (Funnelback Pty Ltd), Tom Rowlands (CSIRO ICT Centre and ANU), Paul Thomas (CSIRO ICT Centre)
Paper: Development of a Collection to Support Diversity Analysis
Monica Lestari Paramita, Mark Sanderson and Paul Clough (University of Sheffield)