SIGIR 2009 WorkshopJuly 23, 2009

Redundancy, Diversity, and
Interdependent Document Relevance (IDR '09)


This workshop will explore how ranking, performance assessment, and learning to rank can move beyond the assumption that the relevance of documents in a ranking is independent. The focus will be on three key themes: the effect of redundancy on information retrieval utility (e.g. how to measure redundancy, avoid it in evaluation and when training ranking algorithms); the role of diversity (e.g. for mitigating the risk of misinterpreting ambiguous queries); approaches to set-level evaluation and optimization (e.g. how to create reusable set-level judgments that trade off between evaluating relevance relative to the needs of a specific user versus the needs of a distribution of users).

Oct. 19, 2009: A summary of the workshop, to appear in SIGIR Forum, is now available. Thanks again to all the speakers, participants, and PC members for making it a great workshop!


Paul N. Bennett, Microsoft Research
Ben Carterette, University of Delaware
Thorsten Joachims, Cornell University
Filip Radlinski, Microsoft Research

Contact: Filip Radlinski and Ben Carterette

Important Dates

June 2, 2009Submission deadline
June 18, 2009Notification of acceptance
July 7, 2009Camera-ready submission
July 23, 2009Workshop in Boston