ECIR 2012 WorkshopApril 1, 2012

Information Retrieval Over Query Sessions


Research in Information Retrieval has traditionally focused on serving the best results for a single query. But users often begin an interaction with a search engine with a sufficiently ill-specified query that they will need to reformulate their query and/or information need several times before they find what they are looking for. This workshop will focus on advances in Information Retrieval technology over query sessions. We aim to provide discussion and promote research & development on three main themes: (A) retrieval models & ranking, (B) evaluation & test collections that model users interacting with engines over sessions of reformulations, and (C) user interaction & interfaces.

(A) Retrieval Models & Ranking: How to analyze/model/predict user interactions and use these findings to improve retrieval performance? How can we adapt ranking/retrieval models and IR theory in the light of a sequence of user interactions.

(B) Evaluation & Test Collections: How can we evaluate retrieval system performance over entire query sessions? How can we build reusable test collections to study this IR task? How can we model/simulate user interactions over a session?

(C) User Interaction & Interfaces: How can we model user interactions so we can predict and improve the user experience over sessions? How can we design and perform user studies that reveal new information about users? How can we make use of implicit feedback from users?


Ben Carterette, University of Delaware
Evangelos Kanoulas, University of Sheffield
Paul Clough, University of Sheffield
Mark Sanderson, RMIT University

Contact: Evangelos Kanoulas and Ben Carterette

Important Dates

January 30, 2012Submission deadline
February 3, 2012Updated submission deadline
February 24, 2012Notification of acceptance
March 12, 2012Camera-ready submission
April 1, 2012Workshop in Barcelona