Information Retrieval Lab

Ben Carterette, proprietor
Department of Computer & Information Sciences
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716

TREC 2010 Session Track: The Session Track is a new track for TREC 2010 with the goal of studying retrieval methods and performance over a sequence of reformulated queries.
Session Track web page

SIGIR 2009 Workshop on Redundnacy, Diversity, and Interdependent Document Relevance: This workshop will explore how ranking, performance assessment, and learning to rank can move beyond the assumption that the relevance of documents in a ranking is independent. We are looking for novel work on the effect of redundancy on IR utility, the role of diversity in ranking documents, and approaches to set-level evaluation and optimization.
Workshop web page

Million Query Track 2009: The Million Query Track is running as part of TREC 2009. Its goal is the study of evaluation and optimization of information retrieval systems over very many very incompletely judged topics. We are co-coordinating with Northeastern University and UD's ECE department.
Million Query Track web page

Undergraduate Research Opportunity: We are looking for a student to assist with interface design and implementation. Web programming (PHP, JavaScript, SQL) experience is a must. We can offer credit, salary, or work study. Summer Scholar opportunities are possible too. For more information contact Prof. Ben Carterette ( or 302-831-3185).